Headhunter's Horror House Wiki Kara meets Tommy Doyle , who warns her about Michael Myers , before finding her family murdered. He makes up with Allyson shortly afterwards, and they, along with Cameron's father, Lonnie, join Tommy Doyle in hunting Michael Myers. Danny's arrival at the Strode home was not easy as he began to hear voices telling him to kill by a dark-entity dressed in black and his grandfather did not want him to be a part of They escape from the house, leaving Michael inside. According to Tommy Lee Wallace on the film's Blu-ray audio commentary, Teddy was added to the film during re-shoots. Farrands compares Tommy's arc in that film to Laurie Strode's in Halloween H20: that of a traumatized victim who must stop running and face their worst fear. WebKara Strode is a character in the sixth film in the Halloween franchise, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Michael kills Orrin by stabbing him with a hunting knife. Oct 22, 2018 'Halloween' Character Profile: Sara Moyer. Tommy is afraid of the bogeyman and constantly asks questions about him to Laurie, who claims he does not exist. The boyfriend is never seen or mentioned again in the film. Halfway through the film, Brackett tries to locate Laurie and tell her that she is Michael's sister before she finds out from Dr. Loomis' book, but he is too late. Dr. Daniel "Dan" Challis is a hardworking doctor struggling with the relationships between him and his ex-wife, as well as his children. This was incorrect and most likely written in the script so that it would correlate with Laurie's age when Michael tried to murder her in 1978 and Laurie's son John's age in the present setting of 1998. She left her home as quickly as she could so she could watch Danny as he left for school and to get ready to go to class as Haddonfield University. Dan discovers Cochran's plan to kill millions of children on Halloween night using his masks. Kara Strode - Alive The cousin of Laurie Strode, Kara Strode only appears in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and because of this, lays claim as one of the few characters in the franchise to have an unambiguous "alive" status. In the sequel, nurse Marion Chambers tells Dr. Loomis that two years after Judith's death (1963), Mr. and Mrs. Myers died (1965) and Laurie Strode was eventually adopted by the Strodes. The next day, Dan is confronted in a bar by Harry's daughter, Ellie. Judith Margaret Myers, also known simply as Judy (November 10, 1947 - October 31, 1963; according to the headstone in John Carpenter's film), is the older sister of Michael Myers, as well as the biological sister of Laurie Strode. He ends up taking revenge against his tormentors and later stabs himself with his knife after a failed assassination of Laurie in her home. WebLaurie Strode is a fictional character in the Halloween franchise by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Farrands says that he brought Tommy back as a way of bridging the gap between the sequels and the first film. She never wanted to go back to her home as she never came back in five years. As in the original film's sequel, Brackett angrily blames Loomis for Annie's death and Laurie's jeopardy. Unlike Loomis, Sartain is obsessed with finding out Michael's motives, and is determined to make him speak. WebKara Strode is a fictional character featured in the Halloween film series. After school, Kara returned home to find that her mother wasn't home so she started to worry what happened to her as her mother always stayed home so that Danny wouldn't be left alone when he got home from school. In the novel, he briefly talks about Judith and mentions how he was shocked at the news of her murder and how a young boy like Michael Myers could commit such a horrible crime. Headhunter's Horror House Wiki Kara decided to get her son back to Tommy's room since it was getting late but she was stopped by Mrs. Blankenship who told her that Danny was hearing the same voice that Michael heard on the night he killed his sister. [1] Annie makes a cameo appearance in Halloween II as her father, Sheriff Brackett, closes her eyes as her corpse is being taken out of the house in a stretcher. Oct 10, 2018 'Halloween' Character Profile: Dr.Loomis. When he sees Michael Myers across the street at the Wallace house, Tommy believes it is the bogeyman, but Laurie dismisses his suspicions. Last night I caught him watching me. You interested? Originally, there would have been scenes of Dr. Challis repeatedly talking to an unknown and unseen character on the phone about the coroner's report on Harry Grimbridge's killer. Halloween Series Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Laurie Strode is a high school student in the original film that Michael stalks after she drops off a key at his former house, so her father can sell it. Kara : No. There, Annie is kissing Paul while stopping his attempts to pull her sweater off, until she agrees and leaves herself topless. Portrayed By: Devin Gardner. In the end, Wynn turns out to have been secretly using Michael's DNA to create the curse of Thorn in its purest form that he believed manifested in his genes. It is during that time that Michael Myers attacks and tries to kill Marion, but is unsuccessful as she runs out into the rain. After this scene in the original, the parents are never seen again. Before she could warn Beth, she witnessed Michael Myers stabbing Beth and then her son walking towards the house. This suggests that Judith might have been babysitting Michael. When Kara was sixteen, she became pregnant. This is interrupted when Michael bursts into the operating room at the last minute slaughtering Dr. Wynn's staff and possibly Wynn as well. Beth : Why? His daughter Annie survives Michael's killing spree, and he discovers her half-naked and tortured following Michael's attack. Tommy warns Kara of the danger she and her family are in if they remain in the Myers house, and is proven right when Michael massacres the other Strodes. In Halloween Kills, she finds out that he survived, and she goes to the Myers house at the end of the film and is suddenly attacked and killed by Michael with a knife. This film did not reveal the Man in Black's identity to the audience, and at the time the film went into production, the writers themselves had not decided who the Man in Black actually was. WebKara : Beth, who's that guy that lives across the hall from you? Unger was one of Big Al's friends. Ellie is the love interest of Dan Challis who assisted him in visiting Santa Mira, the homeplace of Silver Shamrock in search of her missing father. Preparing to have sex with Paul, Annie fails to see Michael nearing them until he attacks. WebKara Strode (mother) John Strode (grandfather;deceased) Debra Strode (grandmother;deceased) Tim Strode (uncle;deceased) Morgan Strode (granduncle) Pamela Strode (grandaunt) Laurie Strode (adoptive cousin;deceased) Jamie Lloyd (adoptive second cousin;deceased) Steven Lloyd (adoptive third cousin/adoptive younger brother) Birth 1988 Later in the film, Annie tells Laurie that she called Ben and told him, and that he was interested. As the night went on, Kara noticed that the lights were on in her room so she called her home and learned that it was Beth and Tim. Kara pounded on the door as Michael got closer and Tommy got there just in time to let her in. After they have sex, he tells Judith that it is getting late and that he has to go. WebFiery Red Head: Kara stands up to her father when he starts berating her neglected mother. On Halloween 1989, he attends a party at a local farm with his girlfriend and their friend Tina. In the reboot of the franchise, Wynn also appears briefly, but is a female nurse, not a male doctor. Mike is the only character to share a name with the franchise's killer. Dan asks her to stop with the autopsy and instead look into Conal Cochran, the owner of the Halloween novelty and mask making company Silver Shamrock, where the jack-o'-lantern mask Harry Grimbridge was holding came from. Earl works as a bartender in Haddonfield, Illinois and becomes angry when he hears on a news station that Michael Myers has returned and that all businesses should close for the night. Sara Moyer is a main protagonist in Resurrection. Near the beginning of the film, Michael stalks Rachel around her house after she gets out of the shower, eventually killing her by stabbing her in the chest with a pair of scissors. While Paul is instantly killed, the frightened Annie makes a run for the front door, almost escaping, but is caught. Nice Girl: She tries her best to do what she can for her son. Towards the end of the film, Rachel's body is seen in the attic of the old Myers house that Michael chases Jamie into. As Dr. Loomis finds Laurie and shoots Michael, he tells Marion to get the police while he and the Marshal try to help Laurie. Oscar tries to apologize before encountering Michael. The mother stares at Michael, apparently in shock. @bigjohnstrode. Annie then tries to persuade Laurie to leave the house, without success, until she dies. WebLaurie Strode is a fictional character in the Halloween franchise by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. While at Mrs. Blankenship's house, Michael was inflicted with the Curse of Thorn, a violent curse, that forced the bearer to kill their family members. Kara then jumped out and attacked Michael with the lead pipe while Danny and Steven tried to hide. Laurie Strode manages to rescue Molly and John from Michael. Character information Her father is unknown since her surname was never explained or elaborated in films where it came from when she appeared. Karen Nelson is the daughter of Laurie Strode and the wife of Ray Nelson. Sartain persuades Sheriff Barker to allow him to help the hunt for Michael, and rides with Deputy Sheriff Frank Hawkins. WebKara Strode is the only daughter of John Strode and Debra Strode and sister of Tim Strode. She runs back to the Doyle house, screaming at Tommy to wake up and unlock the door, and he does so. Quote Tweet. It's a me, Mario! The murder caused a blackout in Haddonfield, Illinois. John suffers a stab wound to the thigh, but he and Molly escape the school with Laurie's help. Originally, Kara's fate varied in various script drafts. She gave birth to her son Danny and left her home. He is murdered when he gets out of the therapeutic hot tub he and nurse Karen are using to fool around in to check on the temperature at her request but is strangled to death by Michael Myers. In the Producer's Cut of the sixth film however, Dr. Wynn and his staff follow their cult aspect more closely and planned on making Jamie's baby Michael's final sacrifice during a ritual. He quickly grabs hold of her neck, choking her until she is dead. The second dream shows her walking into a large room where a pre-teen Michael is seen sitting in a chair and turning to look at her.

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