Thank you! Awarded with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications Nan Ya Plastics represents internationally recognized sets of standards in quality and environmental management systems. Thank you!! pdf. They have sent repair guys out twice to fix leaking panes. Bond: #10026203, 27324 Camino Capistrano #111, Here is a brief description of the different elements of door hardware and parts for door knobs that you can find on our website. NUEMA PATIO DOORS Home PREFIT SHEET DOOR DUPLICATIONS* - REPLACE DOOR ONLY NOT FRAME/JAMB SIMPSON MASTERMARK DOORS FIBERGLASS DOORS AND PREFINISH COLORS AND STAINS DOOR CLAVOS NAILS - DENTAL SHELF - SPEAKEASY - STRAP HINGE - FOR FIBERGLASS DOORS - SELF ADHESIVE DOORMERICA INTERIOR DECORATOR DOORS The technician was very professional and completed the job quickly. Defective on day one. Barn Door Lock, Lockwood Keyed Cavity Lock This is a double-sided door, and the doors fully bypass and open from both ends. let us help you design your door system Check out our Barn Door Hardware, black flat track for hanging doors from the wall Having issues finding an installer. Installation of Doors and Windows is our Specialty. border-color: #000000; A full range of garage door parts, such as brackets, locks, springs and cables, is available at Lowe's. Sometimes a poorly functioning garage door just needs to be cleaned and lubricated. My only suggestion is that when you call them, make sure you are aware of the door size. Had an issue with my sliding glass door not locking and the screen door not closing. If you have a need for a pocket door repair this is the place. Easy Installation We currently have plantation shutters attached to the door we are replacing. I would highly recommend them. The most recognizable piece of door hardware is, of course, the doorknob or door lever. Folding Door System Hardware and Com- ponents: Folding door system hardware: 10 years for the original purchaser, excludes finish All hardware should be maintained as recommended in the care instructions as frequently as necessary. Standard Lock systems are installed on 68 and 611 doors (multi-point locks available on request). The interlock has dual flexible strips to seal the gap between panels. Showed up for repair appointment timely and got the job done efficiently. No discoloration or any breakdown of the fiberglass panel. They are the best! Friendly personnel and quick installation! They get down to brass tacks and get the job done. Whether your patio door is the gateway to backyard recreation and relaxation, or a busy access point to your home, Neuma Doors blend of function and style will provide years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance. I have used their service for myself as well as my real estate clients home! However it arrived damaged. It has been determined by our rep that installation appeared to be in order. Give us a call or send us an email by clicking on the contact us link below. French Door Replacement Parts and Accessories. Warranty Details for Neuma Door Systems in Owner-Occupied Single Family Homes This Non-Transferable Limited Warranty applies only to the Neuma Patio Door System installed by a licensed and bonded contractor in original own- er-occupied single-family detached homes within the United States. -->,

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